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Brand Logo

The logo of Chanhen is derived from the hexagonal shape of "crystal" while incorporating the English abbreviation letter "P" for "phosphorus." It tells the story of Chanhen people's dedication to the phosphorus industry, their focus on phosphorus development, and their professional expertise in phosphorus applications.

In terms of color, the branding revolves around the core value of Chanhen, creating a positive, warm, and caring psychological feeling for others. This visual approach conveys the essence of the Chanhen brand, helping people to quickly understand Chanhen. The vibrant orange and purple colors blend together, like the golden autumn sunshine, full of harvests and hopes.

"Sunshine" is the foundation of all life, and the logo's highlight usage skillfully reflects the situation illuminated by "sunshine," implying that Chanhen is a vibrant and vital company with an inspiring development trend. Its future is also full of expectations and excitement!

The people of Chanhen firmly believe that, with this radiant dawn, bearing the harvest and hopes, and relying on their professional expertise in the phosphorus industry, they are fulfilling their promise to the world - to build a bridge between phosphorus elements and a better human life, allowing phosphorus to better serve humanity and care our life.

Brand Concept

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values

Building a "Phosphorus Fluorine Lithium" New Energy Material Industry Cluster

Chanhen will build a new energy material industry cluster based on phosphorus mining and phosphorus chemical industry, with efficient, circular and coupled development of "phosphorus fluorine lithium" resources, fully embracing the new energy era. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we aim to:

1. Become a model of green, circular, and sustainable development of Chinese phosphorus fluorine chemical industry.
2. Be the world leader in battery-grade iron phosphate.
3. Be the leading enterprise of global battery-grade lithium hexafluorophosphate.
4. Be the leading enterprise of global compound iron sodium phosphate and sodium-ion battery.

Creating Benefits for Humanity with Circular Economy

Developing circular economy is not only the core strategy of Chanhen, but also our responsibility and historical mission. We strive to achieve efficient and circular use of resources, reduce consumption and emissions, and promote sustainable development of human society, while providing high-quality products and services through circular development model.

Innovation and Altruistic

Innovation is the soul of Chanhen. In the past, we have achieved outstanding results in technological innovation, which has become our core competitive advantage for sustainable development. Innovation has now become a part of Chanhen's blood. In the new stage of development, we encourage all employees to innovate, including but not limited to: technological innovation, business innovation, management innovation, and marketing innovation, and institutionalize innovation. The elements needed for innovation are: passion, exploration, learning, determination, and logical reasoning.

Altruistic includes the Confucian philosophy of "ren-ai": self-love, love for family, broad love for all, and altruistic principle.
Self-love: In terms of self-cultivation, one should be loyal and have a sense of mission, be self-improving and enterprising, and constantly make progress.
Love for family: In terms of family relationships, one should be filial to parents, considerate of family members, neighborly to others, loving to children, and helpful to relatives and friends.
Broad love for all: In terms of society, one should hold a friendly and loving heart towards all people and nature.
Altruistic principle: Altruism is not only the basic principle of market economy, but also a mindset of giving. Givers will not lose, but will gain more and achieve self-development. The beneficiaries of altruism include customers, employees, the society, and stakeholders.

Brand Spirit


Embrace change and adapt positively.
Constantly think and innovate.
Continuous improvement, striving for excellence.


Be Honest and consistent, both inside and outside.
A promise is not made lightly, and if made, it must be kept.
Possess integrity and self-discipline, with strict adherence to principles.


Solve problems and focus on results.
Everything is accounted for, with a clear response to each matter.
Plan and act, actions speak louder than words.


Solve problems and focus on results.
Everything is accounted for, with a clear response to each matter.
Plan and act, actions speak louder than words.
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